I am an Orange County, CA raised photographer who loves to find beauty in everything. I desire for my images to translate more then just a picture, but to capture a story. That the images themselves would live to express emotion and re-tell of moments far beyond words.

My Grandmother used to always carry one of those Kodak disposable cameras with her. No matter what occasion, where ever we were, she could whip one out, she had a seemingly endless supply. I was mesmerized by this little device. The ability it had to freeze a moment. To capture the essence of a situation and tell about it for years to come. What power an image contained, both in emotions, as well as facts. You could re-live a glimpse of time, almost being able to taste and smell the memories. She gave me one for Christmas and I was hooked. The nostalgic clicking wheel that would tell me I had one more chance to capture time, to the slowly rising hum that would pour light into the shot. It didn’t matter about intense quality, it mattered about remembering those moments and remembering the ones we loved.

Now I have the ability to remember those moments and do so in the highest possible way, revealing un-paralleled quality and talent. Using light to sculpt and heart to shape, every image I produce is given care and consideration. My goal is to tell a story, to share a feeling, a thought, a spark. My care and attention to detail may be what is needed in a fast pace world, but my desire to capture moments at the precise time is what ultimately sets my images apart.

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